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  • Is Sumo Soccer a co-ed sport?


    What different types of activities can be done with the bubbles?

    We organize soccer games and tournaments, ,obstacle courses, team building events and custom made activities. Every booking depends on the length of the booking, the number of players, the venue and the fitness level of the participants.

    How long is a game of Sumo Soccer?

    Game lengths can vary. Most commonly there are four 6 minute periods to a game. The number of games depends on the chosen package.

    How do you distinguish between teams?

    Sumo Soccer provides each team with coloured pinnies (up to 200 players).

    What is the minimum number of players?

    16 for a private or corporate event and 8 for a tournament team.

    What is the maximum number of players?

    There is no maximum, any number of players can be accommodated.

    What is the minimum or maximum weight/height to play?

    In adult size balls players must measure a minimum of 4’10” and weight 95 lbs.
    Measure a maximum of 6’6” wearing no larger than a size XXL *
    *please check with agent at time of reservation.
    Children size balls are for players in grades 1 to 4.

    How big are the bubbles?

    The adult size bubbles measure 1.5m. The children size bubbles measure 1.2m

    Where can we play Sumo Soccer?

    Sumo Soccer can be played outdoors on a grass surface, indoors on a synthetic surface, in gyms and on any other smooth surface.

    What geographical regions does Sumo Soccer cover?

    Sumo Soccer can go anywhere in Canada.

    How early should we reserve?

    Reserve as soon as possible as dates go quickly. However, last minute bookings are accepted if the dates are still available.

    What should I wear to play Sumo Soccer?

    A short sleeve top and athletic shorts or pants.

    What should I bring?

    A towel to wipe sweat and water to counter dehydration.

    Do players sweat a lot while playing Sumo Soccer?

    Yes, it can be very warm inside the bubble that is why we recommend drinking a lot of water.

    Are the bubbles clean?

    Bubbles are disinfected before and after each event. During the games, Sumo Soccer provides players with disinfectant wipes to clean the bubbles.

    Is Sumo Soccer safe?

    Yes. Players are protected by the bubble. There are no more risks than in regular soccer.

    Who cannot play Sumo Soccer?

    As in many sports, pregnant women, people with back problems, neck problems, heart problems or repeated concussion should avoid playing this sport.

    Can we hire Sumo Soccer for fundraising events?

    Yes, Sumo Soccer has often been used to raised money at charitable events.

    Is Sumo Soccer insured?

    Yes, every event is covered under the principal of indemnity.

    Can kids play with adults?

    Yes, in friendly family events but not in Sumo Soccer tournaments.

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