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  • Who Are we?

    Sumo Soccer is Montreal’s premier supplier of Bubble football rental equipment.  We pride ourselves on providing fun and safe entertainment for League Players, Team Building Events, Private Events such as birthdays or stags and Community Events such as fundraisers and festivals.

    Sumo Soccer delivers the ultimate experience by hosting its events in the Montreal area, but also in the rest of Québec and Ontario.


  • Team Building

    The balance of work and play is important.  Studies have shown that happy and healthy employees result in decreased absenteeism and increased camaraderie, production and profits.

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  • Private Events

    Try the coolest experience in town. Rent Sumo Bubbles to make your festival, picnic, school function, fundraiser, corporate event, birthday, and any other type of celebration, an event to remember!

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  • Sumo Soccer League

    Sign up for the fall 2014 Sumo Soccer League which will be held in the greater Montreal area. Sign up early to ensure availability.

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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We had a lot of fun! Our guests really had a blast! Would recommend to anyone!

    M. BouvretteLoto-Québec

Company Values

    • Satisfying our customers

      Our most important company value is offering a service that we can be proud of.

    • Promoting team spirit

      Whether in our Sumo Soccer league, or during a friendly game between co-workers, our Sumo Soccer team promotes the concept of team spirit.

    • Adapting to your needs

      The unexpected can happen. Our team knows how to adapt to change to ensure that your event will be a success.

    • Creating unforgettable moments

      Sumo Soccer is an unforgettable experience. Fun will be had by all, guaranteed!

    • Promoting Respect

      Respect between players, between players and the ref and towards the equipment is a must. Respect is one of our core values.

    • Aim for excellence

      Sumo Soccer continues its search for perfection, not only to meet its customers’ needs but to surpass them.


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